What is credit history?

A credit history is the record of the products or services you acquire and with which you can demonstrate your payment behavior and thus identify if you have compliance and responsibility when acquiring a financial commitment. Why build a good credit history? Many times when we are young, we do not understand why it is […]

722 April 19, 2022 admin


Questions to ask before applying for credit cards

The ease of use of credit cards makes them the most widely used financial product, and therefore the most requested. However, even though they are easy to use, it is not always convenient to apply for them. Answer the following questions before applying for a credit card and avoid falling into the complexity of this […]

784 April 12, 2022 admin


Use your credit card wisely

Do you have a credit card but don’t know exactly how to use it to take advantage of the cut-off dates? Or do you simply want to stop paying excessive interest? Here’s how to manage a credit card wisely. It is common to find people -especially young people- who, due to lack of advice and […]

741 April 12, 2022 admin

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