Is Cryptocurrency RETURNING or Going Away once and for all? 6 Experts Weigh In.

Cryptocurrencies have kept a comparatively low profile in 2019 carrying out a record-breaking rise in 2017 and a magnificent crash in 2018. Are they worth revisiting in 2020? We asked these experts and Advisors in The Oracles to talk about where they think crypto is headed next.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article expresses the views and opinions of people and is not an alternative for professional financial advice. Do your own research and check with your own financial adviser. Any claims on this page have not been independently verified.

Is ‘Crypto-Equity’ another Big Part of Raising Money for Your Business?

Joel Dietz and his four business partners have a lofty goal: to revolutionize the continuing future of finance.

How? Through their new site Swarm, a crowdfunding platform that operates on a Bitcoin framework.

While they face a lot of the same headwinds as other startups, Swarm gets the added task of earning two emerging concepts — crowdfunding and cryptocurrency — understandable to everyone. It also gets the challenge of navigating complex and evolving regulations. However the team, that was in Berlin for the soft launch the other day, is convinced that, if they do, the platform they have created can help transform just how entrepreneurs raise money.

Tis the growing season to Be Savvy: 6 Methods to Optimize Brand Marketing

Each year, brands worldwide search for ways to crank up their marketing efforts in preparation for the largest shopping season of the entire year. With all the busyness the holiday season bring, brands employ their finest advertising tactics to seize consumer attention early and harness the ad opportunities available through various channels just like the web and social media.

To greatly help give your brand a head start this season, I want share some of our agency’s best tips. Listed below are six methods for you to optimize your brand marketing for the holiday season.